safariLIVE – Sunrise Safari – August 19, 2018

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  1. Did you see the Avoka Boys after the show was over? Amazing that the Nkahumas reunited on drive for all of us SL fans! So cool to see! I hope the one Nkahuma male will not be run off. Great drive tonight! Thanks to all of the SL team!

  2. very very nice! All those playful lions around the jeep. About this i remember during a safari to Makalali reserve there were about 10 lions circling around the jeep because they could smell the dry meat of our aperitif. The guides laughed, we were not so relaxed…???

  3. What an intense and amazing hour this one has been. It was wonderful to see the Nkuhuma pride re-unite at last. How difficult for the lionesses’ to keep running from the Avocas to save the sub adults from harm. Djuma has really become a hot spot of activity and a big part of the Gauntlet. As for Hukumuri, people in chat should realise that he came in ONLY when he knew Tingana was near deaths door, as did a couple of other males. Yes, Tingana did avoid him whilst recovering, that was not fear, but wisdom. He has not survived all of those 12 years by being stupid. Now he is much back to normal, Hukumuri is also being wise by avoiding the dominant males territory. If Tingana becomes ill again he will be back. That is the politics of the wild. Well, we certainly get to see the wild so a big thank you to EVERYONE involved at SafariLive, and W/E.

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