Wiz Khalifa – See You Again ft. Charlie Puth [Official Video] Furious 7 Soundtrack

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  1. Almost a year ago now I lost my best friend, now I have nobody. These girls took all my friends away I know that sounds dramatic but it’s true. This song just reminds me of her. But I’m moving to middle school and I’ve even made some friends there. High hopes✨

    • i remember the day he passed away i was on facebook talking to my friends and i told them but they didnt know who he was cause they were a little younger then me but everyone should know who he was its Paul walker i remember watching In to The Blue with my older sister it didnt really hit me then but i remember when this song first came out i was listening to it on repeat all day so the same day me and my lil cousin we watched fast 5 i think it was and right when the movie was over i was so over wellem i went to the stair case i just started crying it really hit me this great person is gone and yesterday i finally got a chance to watch I am Paul walker he was trully loved and i cried so much he was really a gift btw watching iam Paul walker they said he would get in to fights when he was little to defend his friends and tyresse gibson and paul were so close and if he was alive and saw that rock and tyress were beefing paul would throw hands and the whole fast furious franchize would be cancelled lol anyways rest in peace Paul Walker

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